Crocodile Glockenspiel

by Serenity Toys Boutique


The wooden Crocodile Glockenspiel is musical instrument.  This not only plays music but it also can be a wall decor in a child's room..  The threadable single tones can be shared out to making music in a group or be placed according to the song together.  When not played the Glockenspiel has its place on wall of the child's room.  It has eco friendly pieces which is made in Germany.  It is high quality toy that will keep your child busy for a long time.  This fun musical toy will be one of your child’s toys that will be in your house forever. Montessori and Waldorf inspired musical instrument.  This Glockenspiel is ideal for early musical education

Materials: varnished beech wood partly printed, colored metal sound bars by Sonor, nails of steel with brass caps, felt, hemp or nylon cord.