World Map Sticker Poster Activity

by Poppik


Want to keep your kids occupied for a long time?  Well this sticker poster will do that.  Your child will not only have fun with this, but he or she will learn about the world.  When your child finishes this poster, he or she can put it on their wall because it is so cool.  In addition to this, this is a unique and beautiful educational poster that strengthens visual recognition (colors and shapes) and movement precision. It is a unique way of doing a puzzle.  This fun creative hobby promotes calm and concentration.

**Only available in Europe ** 

Since the antiquity, men have been napping the world.  Faithful to this tradition, the collective of illustrators, Atleier Cartograhik, offers us a new map in colored pixels. A contemporary way to reveal the diversity of the world’s landscapes. 

Content : 1 poster (100 x 60 cm - 40 x 23 inches) + 1600 stickers
Stickers are removable

For kids 7 and up