Wooden Owl Lamp

by Serenity Toys Boutique


Who Who! Follow this amazing owl to your dreamlands.  Your little one will feel cool laying down next to this adorable owl lamp.

This unique wooden lamp will warm and calm any room. It is an awesome night light to help your kids fall fast asleep. Unleash this majestic monarch into your kid's room by ordering this awesome lamp today!

This high quality wooden night light is handmade from 100% natural pinewood, making it as strong and durable as it is beautiful. 

If the lights in the lamp do not work anymore, send it back and the manufacturer will exchange the lights inside the lamp.

You can choose between the pastel color owl or the retro color owl.

Size (in inches): 15.5×9.5×2

Solid Pinewood

LED Lights / Warm White 2,2W

Input: AC 100-240 Output:DC24V

Switch on the cord


Eco friendly pieces