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Treasure Tubes

Treasure Tubes

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Our beloved Treasure tube toy will be back in stock in the middle of May. Pre order yours before it gets sold out again!

What makes a fun noise when you shake it? Find trinkets, natural materials and sensory objects to collect in the beautiful, stackable unique Treasure Tubes. The round, colorful, transparent tubes with removable covers hold small objects to observe, display or rattle. Ideal for color and sound exploration and light table activities. Holds marbles, beads, twigs, leaves, small toys and more. Stack the tubes on top of each other to customize play experience. Easy-to-remove wooden top keep objects securely in place until ready to be replaced.

Your toddler, preschooler, Kindergartener will know more about spacial awareness and constructing objects with this science toy. Playing with blocks help children develop their vocabularies and improves their math skills such as gravity, balance, and geometry. Building is all about size, shape, weight, leverage, and balance, and as your child works this out, their building and block play will become more and more complex. As the complexity increases, so does their concentration level. Children learn and grow through Pure Play – play that is hands-on, child-directed, multi-faceted See how your child's creativity run wild with this educational toy.
Smooth hardwood frames with inset, colorful, transparent acrylic windows are also ideal for color exploration and light table activities. Eco friendly pieces and Montessori and Waldorf inspired toy. Children discovering new things in a different way.

Set of 8. Largest Tube measures: 3″Dia. x 5.75″H. Smallest Tube measures: 3″Dia. x 3.5″H. Ages 3+.

Treasure Tubes – Primary features colorful, transparent windows are perfect for observing or displaying small objects
Hold marbles, beads, twigs, leaves, small toys and more
Use for color and sound exploration and light table activities
Flat, easy-to-remove top keeps objects secure and creates options for stacking
Largest Tube measures: 3″Dia. x 5.75″H. Smallest Tube measures: 3″Dia. x 3.5″H
Ages 3+


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Shoshanna R.

Seller contacted me to say my item might be delayed in shipping, but it ended up arriving fairly quickly, and I appreciated the extra communication. Quality is excellent, would purchase from this shop again. Thank you!

Stacey Z.


Stacey J.

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